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Safeguard home education in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, a very small group of parents home educate their children. These parents make use of their right to an exemption from compulsory education on the basis of Article 5, clause b of the Compulsory Education Law. This Article offers exemption from compulsory school attendance if there are no schools in the vicinity that match the parents’ life philosophy.

Because there are so few home educating families in the Netherlands, the phenomenon is little known and home educators sometimes have to face considerable prejudice. This may occasionally result in uncomfortable conversations at the supermarket checkout counter, but more importantly, such unfounded prejudices can also lead to direct political decisions. On this website, we hope to eliminate these unfounded prejudices by providing background information on some of the topics currently featured in politics and the media.

We hope that having read the articles you will share our conclusion: Home education should be safeguarded in the Netherlands!

Politicians have so far chosen to safeguard home education


Home education has been a topic of debate in the House of Representatives before. In past years, the decision was repeatedly made to safeguard home education. In 2011, it was decided that supervision would be introduced to home education. The Advisory Board of Education later confirmed these decisions. The proposal to ban home education therefore comes as a complete surprise.

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Right to education and supervision easy to secure


In accordance with the decision of the House of Representatives, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science was preparing a law amendment safeguarding the right to home education and introducing a light form of supervision. There were no signals from the Ministry that this might be too difficult or costly to realise.

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Home educated children display healthy socio-emotional development

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As home educators, we are often asked how our children can develop socially and emotionally without school. Studies consistently show that home education is successful both from a cognitive and a socio-emotional perspective. The results of home educated children are comparable to those of their school-going peers.

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Number of home educated children in the Netherlands remains exceedingly small


A very small number of parents in the Netherlands have chosen home education. This group has been exceedingly small for years, and this is unlikely to change. The decision to home educate involves a substantial investment of time and money that not every parent is willing or able to make. Nonetheless, the State Secretary is expressing concern regarding the number of home educators.

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